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Vinyl never dies

February 23, 2007

Vinyl pellets before being process into a discAfter decades of existence and competition with modern music medium (cds, mp3…), the vinyl industry is still standing. And this is due to passion of certain people to the warmth and analog tone of music played on a vinyl. There are still a standard in DJing as well, for scratching, mixing and blending.

Nashville’s United Record Pressing ( has been manufacturing vinyl for over 40 years and is today the biggest producer with an average of 40.000 discs pressed everyday.

Vinyl will always be a vintage and stylish object, as well as a very lively way to listen to music with its little cracks and its “round sound”. Modern music medium may be easier to distribute and share but they will never replace the pleasure of having a vinyl in your hand and playing it. Vinyl are much more valuable than cd for the reason I’ve stated but also because you can’t reproduce it yourself, they are unique piece of art.